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Air Nauru

Air Nauru flies to Kiribati weekly from Australia

Air Kiribati

Air Kiribati offer a domestic service between the Gilbert Islands

Outer Island Runways

The runways are often basic - sometimes doubling as a road


A constant stream of minivans service South Tarawa from Betio to Buota (the end of the road)


Trucks are often used for transportation. It is very rough on the back of the trucks especially with all the potholes in the road


The roads are full of potholes


Most roads do not have footpaths and this is very dangerous for pedestrians


Nobody monitors what is being dumped

Overall infrastructure in Kiribati is quite rudimentary.

The physical infrastructure necessary for economic development - electricity, transport (roads, ports and airports), water supply and sanitation is weak in Kiribati.

Additional infrastructure is required in urban areas and in potential economic growth centres to improve services and lower costs.

Many infrastructure services are inefficiently delivered and are costly to provide. Often these high costs are not fully recovered by charges to users.

Poor infrastructure raises costs to businesses and constrains employment growth. This contributes to poverty.

Poor access to basic public services causes hardship in Kiribati and contributes to poor health.

However, the Government has limited ability to increase public investment.


Telecommunications such as domestic and international telephone, facsimile, mobile phone services and internet services are provided by Telecom Services Kiribati Limited (TSKL) which is owned by the Government.

These services are expensive by international standards.


Domestic shipping is provided by both government and private sector shipping operators.

International shipping is provided by both government and private sector shipping operators. They provide direct services to Australia and Asia.

Shipping domestically within Kiribati and internationally is expensive and is a major burden for exporting goods as well as increasing the cost of imported goods.

Air Services

Domestic air services are provided by Air Kiribati and is owned by the Government.

International airline connections are serviced by Our Airline and Fiji Airways.

Air services are expensive and one of the major deterrents for the tourism industry.


Roads are often of a poor quality in Kiribati.

Road maintenance is often neglected. Island councils struggle to maintain their infrastructure.


Water is scarce in Kiribati. Improving the supply and quality of water resources is a priority of the Government.

Water processing and distribution systems are poor or lacking in Kiribati. Further improvements to the quality and supply of water are needed.

The antiquated reticulation system on South Tarawa has a multitude of leaks. These leaks result in low water pressure. The water supply has hundreds of unauthorised connections resulting in leaks.


The majority of Kiribati households do not have a toilet. Sanitation infrastructure is severely lacking.

Flush toilets are used mostly in urban areas. A high proportion of the population still use the beach and the bush for defecation.

It is estimated that 30% of the sanitation systems are not functioning well because of widespread tampering of the water system by private households and the apparent lack of enforcement and maintenance by the responsible ministry.

Waste Management

Rubbish and waste is a major issue in Kiribati.

Infrastructure is being created and upgraded to allow the establishment of new systems for rubbish collection, construction of new landfills, rehabilitation of existing landfills, introduction of garbage sorting by the Councils and establishment of a recycling facilities.


Electricity is generated by imported petroleum products and generators. Electricity infrastructure is minimal. Solar power installations are being implemented to improve electricity supply especially in the outer islands.


The Bank of Kiribati (part of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited) and the Development Bank of Kiribati (providing micro finance assistance to local citizens) are the only banks in Kiribati.

Tap Water

The treated tap water is not suitable for drinking and contains particles

Illegal Water Connection

There are many illegal water connections which affect the water pressure on South Tarawa

Rainwater Tank

Are becoming more common